A symmetrical deep roll profile that combines the character of traditional Victorian style with solid functionality.

  • Most comprehensive quality guaranteed coating solution - 22-year quality guarantee on Marley M22 coating and a 7-year quality guarantee on Marley M11.
  • Supremely functional and versatile profile that performs well at all pitches
  • Highly cost-effective solution well suited for large housing projects
  • A large choice of aesthetic colours including Standard Through-colour and Antique


The perfectly symmetrical profile in the Victorian style is unique in South Africa. Its design has been optimised to make it exceptionally strong and highly cost-effective - well suited for large housing projects.

Size of Tile

420 x 332mm

Minimum Pitch

17,5ᴼ (100mm headlap)
26ᴼ (75mm headlap)

Maximum Pitch

45ᴼ (Above maximum pitch consult Marley Roofing)

Minimum Headlap

75mm (for pitch of 26ᴼ and above)
100mm (for pitches of 17,5ᴼ to 26ᴼ)

Maximum Gauge

320mm (100mm headlap and at pitches between 17,5ᴼ and 26ᴼ)
345mm (75mm headlap and at pitches of 26ᴼ and above)

Cover Width

301mm (nominal at lock mid shuffle position)

Covering Capacity

10,42 tiles/m² (net) at 100mm headlap
9,66 tiles/m² (net) at 75mm headlap

Weight of Tiling

+ - 43,76kg/m²at 100mm headlap
+ - 40,57kg/m² at 75mm headlap

Battens Required

3,13 lin.m/m² at 100mm headlap
2,9 lin.m/m² at 75mm headlap

Batten Size Recommended

38 x 38mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 760mm centres
38 x 50mm (batten fixed flat) for rafters/supports not exceeding 900mm centres
38 x 50mm (batten on edge) for rafters/supports not exceeding 1 000mm centres

Note: Above 760mm the rafter spacing can be increased only with engineer-designed trusses and with 38 x 50mm batten of the correct grade. All structural timber must comply with S.A National Standards.

Tile Nails

75mm Corrosion-resistant tile fixing nails

Hanging length

402mm (nominal)