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Find the Right Roofing Company

Whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold in South Africa, you need to know that your roof won’t let you down. It all really comes down to who you choose as your roofing contractor. In fact, this is quite an important decision you will need to make not only for the initial installation of your roof, but also for maintenance and future potential repairs. The temperatures can chop and change in SA. Sometimes. It even feels like you are experiencing four seasons in one, and it takes a special type of roof to handle that type of fluctuation without showing damage in the form of lose tiles and shingles, leaks and other weaknesses.

Roof installations on South African buildings need to be designed to suit the climate and fluctuating temperatures in the country. If you’re the type of homeowner that waits for damage to get dire before replacing or repairing your roof, you’re doing it wrong. With the right roofing contractor on your side, you can ensure that your roof is built right, so it doesn’t fall apart, and in the rare event that it does show damage, they will know just what to do to rectify the situation. Of course, they will also have quick and easy access to the best quality roofing materials, supplies and components.

If you’re having trouble finding a roofing supplier that you trust, it’s best to ask the professionals in the business to provide you with advice and guidance. First and foremost, it’s best to only trust a licensed roofing company that offers insurance against potential damage. You will be doing yourself a big favour by avoiding the potential mishaps and expenses that an inexperienced roofing company often incurs. Many people think that they can cut back on costs by getting a “backyard job” done, but often it turns out being the exact opposite situation.

Don’t take our word for it though. Turn to the public and check out the various roofing contractors’ testimonials and past projects. This is a great way to learn more about how the roofing company handles itself on the job, and if they dealt with their past clients in a professional manner. It’s probably also a good idea to investigate how long it took for some projects to be completed. The last thing you want is your roof taking too long to get erected.

If you’re tempted to look for a roofing company out of town because they seem more experienced or in some cases, trendier, don’t be. Always choose a roofing company based on their skills, and try to keep it local. Remember that roofing companies will want to use their own suppliers and if they run out of supplies, you could be waiting a while until their stocks are replenished. This could mean wasted time and a delayed project completion date.

We’re all driven by cost and expenses. If you feel that you are on a limited budget, be careful when shopping around. Choosing a cheap roofing company won’t always end in disaster, but sometimes it can. Make sure that you ask what’s included and check out the quality of their workmanship, and then weigh up the odds based on whether or not the price they are asking for seems fair. Remember, the quality of the end product is vitally important.

To ensure that the roofing materials used are durable enough to withstand the exposure to South Africa’s climate, suggest that your roof installer gets everything they need from one of our Marley Roofing branches. We have conveniently placed branches in Gauteng (in Olifantsfontein and Bronkhorstspruit), KZN (in Tongaat), Polokwane (in Limpopo), Mpumalanga (in Nelspruit) and the Western Cape (in Cape Town), as well as in Botswana and Zambia. We really do have a broad area covered!

At Marley Roofing, we have dedicated a great deal of time and attention to ensuring that our roofing supplies range is well-stocked with the likes of roof tiles, M22 coating, overlaps, butt joints, undertile membranes and so much more. When using our products, you can rest assured that you will be provided with many years of exceptional service.

Need more advice? Feel free to contact us via email or telephone, or pay a visit to any of the abovementioned branches.