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Western Cape Product Range

Marley Roofing’s Western Cape range is characterised by a selection of high performance roof tiles specifically designed for coastal regions. We also supply a range of accessories and related products to compliment any roofing project.

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Double Roman "Plus"

The classic concrete roof tile in the Victorian tradition


This perfectly symmetrical profile has been optimised to make it exceptionally strong and cost-effective, making it ideally suited for large housing projects.

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The classic bold roll tile in the Mediterranean tradition


This award-winning profile recreates the character and beauty of traditional under-and-over clay tiles with the superior performance characteristics of concrete roof tiles.

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The concrete roof tile specifically designed for coastal regions


This high performance roof tile profile brings its own elegance and character to roofs and provides an upmarket alternative to clay tiles at a very competitive price.

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The modern concrete roof tile in the classic slate tradition


This roof tile profile combines the beauty and character of natural slate and wood shingles with the strength and durability of concrete to create a contemporary roof line.

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Imported Clay Tiles


Marley also imports upmarket clay tiles in a variety of profiles, colours and finishes with a wide range of accessories to match.

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Designer Range


Marley offers premium designer ranges which are carefully and tastefully selected to bring a customised and attractive finish to rooftops with all the benefits associated with each tile profile used.

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M22 Coated


This high-quality coating is specially designed to provide a superior tile finish which is capable of withstanding the extremes of South African conditions.

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In addition to a complete range of concrete roof tiles, Marley offers a wide range of accessories to ensure that every project is completed efficiently and with ease.

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