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M22 Coated

South Africa's premier concrete roof tile finish


M22-coated concrete roof tiles deal with problems associated with colour, e.g. efflorescence or "lime bloom", providing a solution when colour uniformity is a requirement. M22-coated concrete roof tiles provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance from the start and are a top choice for larger developments, where colour uniformity is of vital importance.

Designed to provide a superior tile finish capable of withstanding the extremes of South African conditions, this high-quality coating has lived up to its expectations. With a track record of proven performance, Marley M22-coated concrete roof tiles enable architects, developers and homeowners to specify beautiful roofs with impressive benefits: rich colour, guaranteed colour uniformity, and resistance to heat, cold, humidity, UV radiations, heavy rains, hail, salt laden breezes and industrial pollution.m22-coated

With their exceptional performance and aesthetic qualities, Marley M22-coated concrete roof tiles are a winning choice for all pitched roof applications in every environment. M22 is the long term solution for lasting colour uniformity.