In addition to a wide range of high performance concrete roof tiles, Marley Roofing also offers a wide range of accessories and related roofing components to ensure that each and every Marley Roofing project is completed efficiently and with ease.

Overlapping Fittings

kzn-overlapping-fittings-ventilated-ridge-tile kzn-overlapping-fittings-taper-terminal-ridge-tile kzn-overlapping-fittings-taper-ridge-tile
kzn-overlapping-fittings-120-degree-capped-ridge-tile kzn-overlapping-fittings-rake-verge-tile kzn-overlapping-fittings-halfround-capped-ridge-tile

Butt-joint Fittings

kzn-butt-joint-fittings-120-degree-ridge-tile kzn-butt-joint-fittings-90-degree-ridge-tile kzn-butt-joint-fittings-shell-hip-starter
kzn-butt-joint-fittings-120-degree-terminal-ridge-tile kzn-butt-joint-fittings-ventilated-ridge-tile kzn-butt-joint-fittings-mono-ridge-tile

Undertile Membrane

inland-undertile-membrane »
2 ply 400 micron polypropylene laminate
Colour: White traditional
Net coverage per roll: 40.5m2
Printed 150mm headlap dotted line


Marley Radiant Barrier

» 2 ply 400 micron polypropylene laminate with insulation foil – 97% heat reflective
» Maximum comfort – energy-saving
» Printed 150mm headlap dotted line


inland-marley-radiant-barrier-residential »
Agrément Certificate 2007/333
One-sided foil – Net coverage per roll 45m2
Click here to download the Residential Radiant Barrier brochure


inland-marley-radiant-barrier-commercial »
Agrément Certificate 2009/353
Two-sided foil – Net coverage per roll 45m2
Click here to download the Commercial Radiant Barrier brochure

Heavy Industrial

wc-marley-radiant-barrier-heavy-industrial »
Agrément Certificate 2009/353
Net coverage per roll 50m2

Galvanised Clout Nails

inland-galvanised-clout-nails »
Monarch: 90mm (± 210 per kg)
Double Roman: 75mm (±270 per kg)
Homestead: 63mm (± 295 per kg)
Modern: 50mm (± 385 per kg)

Serrated Nails

inland-serrated-nails » Rake Verge tiles: 75mm (± 280 per kg)

'SOLO-FIX' Stormclips

inland-solo-fix-stormclips »
Quality, corrosion-resistant integrated stormclips manufactured from ZIAL®
Ludlow and Modern: Code 65-48 S
Double Roman "Plus": Code 75-48 R
Double Roman, Mendip and Homestead: Code 75-48 S
Monarch and Portuguese: Code 85-48 S
Packaging: 500 clips per box
It is important to use the correct clip for the tile profile

M22 Roof Paint

inland-m22-paint »
M22 touch-up coating for mortar bedding, flashings, fascia boards, etc. per 1, 2 and 5 litre
Available colours: Slate, Brown, Terracotta, Red, Amber and Green
1 litre covers 80 ridges


inland-oxide »
Oxide (or mortar pigment) is used to tint the cement the same colour as the ridges when bedding them in mortar
Oxide comes in all colours per kilogram (1kg = 33 ridges)