PV Model


Aperture Area

1.622 m2







Weight per panel


Static roof loading (distributed)


Characteristic Wind Resistance


Ultimate Design Load 1


Positive Design Load

5.40 in accordance with IEC 61215

Roofing System Fire Rating

B Roof (T1,T2,T3,T4) in accordance with EN 13501-5

Power Warranty

90% at 10-years, 80% at 25-years

Product Warranty - Hardware Components

10 years

Standards achieved against British and European Standards

IEC 61215, 61730, TUV, MCS05*, MCS12

Peak Power per panel


Module Efficiency


Number of Cells

60 x 2

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp)


Maximum Power Current (Impp)


Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)


Short Circuit Current (Isc)



44.0 degree celcius

Cell Type

Monocrystalline Silicon

Power Temp Coefficient

-0.38%/ per degree celcius

Current Temp Coefficient

0.05%/ per degree celcius

Voltage Temp Coefficient

-0.30%/ per degree celcius

Max System Voltage

1,000 VDC

Max Fuse Rating


Safety Classification

Class II

Electrical Connectors

Genuine Staubli MC4 PV-KST4, PV-KBT4


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Marley Viridian Solar Configurator

The Marley Viridian Configurator will help you to build the PV Array of your choice and take the guesswork out of flashing kits required for your specific array design. It will also provide you with a full quote document and shopping list that you can use to order your stock from one of our Solar Partners.

Please note! The configurator pricing excludes VAT and Delivery, and is based on Marley Roofing's List Price for stock available from our Olifantsfontein branch in Gauteng. Hence prices for other regions might be higher. Therefore please always first contact your Marley Roofing Representative or Marley Solar Expert or Fitter for an official quote!

How to use the configurator:

  1. Click on the button below "Marley Viridian Solar Configurator"
  2. Once on the Configurator page - click on the "man block icon" to switch between a portrait or landscape array option.
  3. Ensure batten Thickness is always at 38mm!
  4. Click within the block grid to ad your panels - each block represents a panel with its relevant flashings.
  5. Note as you start clicking in the grid to ad blocks, the configurator will display output generation, total cost and dimentions for the array.
  6. Scroll down - you will see a "Kit List"
  7. Download your quote in either excel or PDF format by clicking on the "clipboard icon"
  8. Remember to name your project!

Professional Installation Teams

To ensure your installation is safe and to the best standards, we have a selection of Solar Experts (Solar Installers) and Solar Roof Fitters (Roofing/Truss Contractors) that will work hand in hand to provide outstanding solar and roofing installations, as well as ensure the integrity of your roof. We therefore highly recommend that you use one of our Solar Partners for your solar project! To locate your nearest Solar Expert or Solar Fitter, click on the "Locate Approved Solar Experts and/or Fitters" button below.

Are you a professional roofer or solar installer, join us! Click on the "How to become an approved Solar Partner" button below to learn more about our criteria to become an Approved Solar Partner!

Marley Viridian Integrated Solar Panel System

If you want great looking solar, you've come to the right place! The new Marley Viridian System, brings high-quality roof integrated solar PV installations within reach of both new build and retrofit applications. Now there's no need to compromise between reducing your energy bills and having a desirable home.

Available to all regions including Namibia!

What are the benefits of the Marley Viridian Integrated Solar Panel System?


  • Outstanding Aesthetics - the solar panel system seamlessly integrate with roof tiles or slates with no cables or brackets being visible.
  • Long lasting & little to no maintenance! - 80% output power by year 25 and a 10-year guarantee on the hardware components! Solar panels should last thirty years or more. In this time it is highly likely that the roof covering will need either maintenance or replacement. An on-roof system will have tiles or slates behind the panels, so the solar system would need to be decommissioned and removed before a single tile can be replaced.
  • No more wasted roofing materials for new builds - with roof integrated solar, there are no tiles or slates behind the panels, this results in roof cover savings of between 12-15% when compare to traditional bolt-on solar panels.
  • Rapid Installation - installation times of less than 1 hour per kilowatt-peak are easily attainable. Our patented connection method means that panels are simply pushed together to create a weather-tight and secure fixing.
  • Simplistic and easy design and costing - use our Online Configurator to design your array by simply clicking on blocks until you have build a PV system to your size requirements.
  • No more loose components -  All parts are neatly packaged in kits, including all accessories such as screws, sound and seal are delivered in simple colour-coded packages that match your configurator design's shopping list.
  • Qualified and Competent Solar Experts & Fitters - our solar partners have to meet certain criteria to ensure your installation is safe and meets all local regulations.
  • Professional solar design support - This system is available on the Aurora and Helioscope solar simulation software programs, allowing solar designers to further hone results based on your actual roof design and area position of the property to the sun.
  • Installation Support - all technical detail drawings, technical datasheets and installation guides are available from our "downloads" page as well as easy to follow installation guides and installation videos!