Fire performance classifiation

SANS 428 (SANS 10177 PARTS 5,10,11) CLASS B/B1/2/H(SP)


2.42 ** view datasheet for more information about test methods.

Aluminium Foil (upper and under)

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Marley Industrial Double Sided Radiant Barrier

Boasting an R-Value performance of 2.42, Marley's Industrial Radiant Barrier provides a superior insulation for any steel sheeting or industrial roof covering without the need, in most cases, for additional bubble insulation - keeping material cost lower whilst delivering against insulation requirements.

Available in Northern and Southern Regions



  • R-Value 2.42 - Improved indoor comfort, reduced energy consumption and cost-savings of full insulation system for certain climatic zones, due to no further bubble insulation materials required.** subject to roof space and roof covering materials used!
  • Adheres to SANS 428 fire rating tested in accordance with SANS10400A
  • Effective dust and moisture barrier - prevents rainwater penetration in extreme cases.