Problems and maintenance

Can you walk on roof tiles?

Marley Roofing does not recommend foot traffic directly on the roof tiles or covering.  Cracks or micro-cracks can occur on the roof covering if roofs are trafficked without appropriate access equipment. We recommend that an adequate number of crawling boards and ladders should be used when accessing completed areas of the roof, using packing between boards and tiles to avoid damage.

Can I clean or jet wash my roof?

The use of high powered jet washes is not recommended as it can damage the surface of the slate or tile, thus reducing its expected life considerably.

What should I do if I notice cracked tiles on my roof?

Cracked or broken tiles are an unfortunate and common occurrence, especially on lower level roofs and usually a result of extreme hail damage or maintenance traffic, such as the installation of solar panels or geysers. It is highly recommended that cracked tiles are replaced as soon as convenient, taking care not to damage adjacent tiles during replacement or when accessing the roof. It is important to ensure that anyone accessing your roof utilises suitable crawl boards and cat ladders to spread weight and reduce point-loading which often leads to the damage of tiles.

How long will the colour last on my roof tile or slate?

In common with all construction materials, roof tiles or slates gradually change in appearance over time through the action of natural weathering. these include:
The growth of lichen, algae and moss on the surface. The accumulation of fine dust deposited from the atmosphere. The chemical and mechanical action of rain and run off water. The chemical effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight.
Given the complexity of weathering and the influence of local exposure conditions such as aspect, air purity and average relative humidity, it is not possible to predict with certainty the time period over which such colour change will occur or the outcome at any particular point in time.
The Marley M22 – coated concrete roof tiles offers the longest and best protection against colour fading with the added benefit of eliminating efflorescence when compared to through-coloured tiles. The special binder used in M22 has a history of more than 30 years of successful performance in South Africa, as a result, the M22 offers a superior maintenance-free coating with lasting colour uniformity.