Size of Tile

437 x 257mm

Minimum Pitch


Maximum Pitch

55ᴼ (Above max pitch, consult Marley Roofing)

Cover WIdth

min. 223mm, on av. 224mm, max. 225mm

Covering Lenght

min. 343mm, on av. 348mm, max. 354mm

Coveing Capacity

min. 12,4 tiles/m2, on av. 12,7 tiles/m2, max. 13,1 tiles/m2

Weight per tile

+- 4kg

Battens Required

3.13 lin.m/m2

Batten Size Recommended

• 38 x 38mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 760mm centres • 38 x 50mm (batten fixed flat) for rafters/supports not exceeding 900mm centres • 38 x 50mm (batten on edge) for rafters/supports not exceeding 1 000mm centres Note: Above 760mm the rafter spacing can be increased only with engineer-designed trusses and with 38 x 50mm batten of the correct grade. All structural timber must comply with S.A National Standards.

Tile Nails

50mm Corrosion-resistant tile fixing nails


• Use broken-bond practice only! • Marley Radiant Barrier is compulsory for pitches below 26 degrees in all cases and Radiant Barrier or Undertile Membrane is compulsory for any pitch above 26 degrees and in all cases. • Ensure that all battening is in an absolute level plane. All tiling and fixing to comply with SANS 10062 and 10400L code of practice.


Please note Marley’s clay offer is imported and subject to exchange rate variations. It is absolutely necessary to provide a roof design with all critical information such as batten distance etc. to ensure the correct number of tiles and correct fittings are quoted on and provided for each individual roof design. A minimum order quantity of one container is required. Should your order require more than one container but less than two filled containers, a second container will be required, in addition to the first as a minimum order quantity. Lead time subject to stock availability and shipping (6-8weeks), please contact your Marley Roofing Representative.

Natural Flat Black

Natural Red 25695

Please note, colours are as accurate as screen resolution allows, please view physical samples before deciding on final colour of your roof.

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Marley Domino Flat Clay Roof Tile

An elegant burnt-clay flat roof tile that delivers a strikingly beautiful modern roofline!

Available in all regions



  • Outstanding aesthetics - the German manufacturing process, provides straight lines to ensure a contemporary precision roofline.
  • Highly scratch and shock resistant 
  • Water tight under extreme weather conditions
  • Virtually maintenance free - specialised dry ridge system together with a service life span of over 100 years, provides minimal to no maintenance after installation.