New colour! MISTY GREY!

The perfect Grey to compliment all other colours!

NEW! Marley Paint Primers

Now you can tackle those hard to paint surfaces and promote better adhesion through our full Paint Systems!

Looking to hit the perfect R-value and cost saving sweet spot?

We’ve got you covered with the best of both insulation systems! This dual system is up to 60% more cost effective – whilst meeting SANS 10400-XA-2021 deem to satisfy climatic R-values – when compared with traditional 135mm + single bulk insulation systems.

Homeowner! Looking to take the edge off indoor summer and winter temperatures?

Our non-ich, DIY-friendly Polywool insulation is like a duvet for your ceiling, slowing down heatlosses during the winter and heat transfer during the summer.

Marley SolteQ Solar Tiles

SA’s most elegant in-roof solar solution with a 40-year guarantee!

Marley Roofing South Africa, a trusted household name with over 65 years of roofing expertise and heritage, continues to shape the roofscapes of South Africa. From our popular M11 & M22 Double Roman Interlocking Concrete Roof Tiles to our new innovative PV Solar Tiles and Slates, we’ve got you covered!

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