Nominal linear cover

2,2 per meter

Nominal mass per tile

approx. 4,3kg


Purpose-made hip starters should always be used at the start of each hip and edge-bedded. At vertical hips and at steep pitches above 45 degrees, hip irons must be used to secure the hip starter and be fixed to the hip tree with non-corrodible nails or screws. All other hip tiles must be mechanically fixed in the overlap to the hip tree in addition to bedding.


Terminal Ridge Starters are optional. In most cases ridge endings at the gable are covered by mitred Rake Verge tiles or Barge Boards. Contact your Marley Representative for more information.

M22 Slate 140739

M22 Slate Butt Ridge Hip Starter 140725

M22 Slate Butt Shell Hip Starter (KZN Only!)

M22 Slate 120 degree Butt Terminal Ridge

Please note, Marley Taper Ridge is available in all Marley Colours, for colours not listed please view concrete profiles. Please note, colours are as accurate as screen resolution allows, please view physical samples before deciding on final colour of your roof.

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Marley Universal Butt Ridge System

Our Universal Butt Ridge System is well suited to any concrete profile and provides a clean modular finish to ridge and hip lines.

Available in all regions

Correctly installed, either bedded or with Marley's Dry Ridge System with specialised butt ridge clip, in accordance with Marley's recommendations, will ensure the best protection to the ridge and hip details for the design life of the building.