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If you think you can contribute positively to our market-leading company, are passionate, have the ability to provide world class professional work skills and have the foresight to help us grow our Roofing business through the use of your expertise, kindly submit your curriculum vitae to our Human Resources Department, as per steps below.

Step 1

Read our curriculum vitae policy before submitting to us. Click here to view the curriculum vitae policy

Step 2

Contact Mrs. Ronalda Pillay via e-mail at

Step 3

Kindly place in the subject header of your email your specialization e.g. “Engineering”, “Logistics”, “Sales”, “Marketing” etc.

Step 4

Attach your CV

Step 5

Transmit your application

Latest vacancies

Being movers and shakers, we can’t guarantee availability of positions listed below upon application. Please contact our HR department to confirm the status of positions listed below.

Apologies, we do not currently have any vacancies