Please note!

The technical information below is based on Marley Advanced Lusa Red * size and weight of tiles vary per colour.

Size of Tile

445 x 249mm.

Minimum Pitch

18ᴼ * depending on climatic zones.

Maximum Pitch

41ᴼ * depending on climatic zones.

Minimum Headlap


Maximum batten centres


Cover Width

200mm (nominal at lock mid shuffle position).

Covering Capacity

12,0 tiles/m² (net).

Weight of Tiling

+ - 37,2kg/m²

Battens Required

2,70 lin.m/m²

Batten Size Recommended

38 x 38mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 760mm centres 38 x 50mm (batten fixed flat) for rafters/supports not exceeding 900mm centres 38 x 50mm (batten on edge) for rafters/supports not exceeding 1 000mm centres. Note: Batten space estimations should be done on the job using the calculation method as per installation manual. Note: Above 760mm the rafter spacing can be increased only with engineer-designed trusses and with 38 x 50mm batten of the correct grade. All structural timber must comply with S.A National Standards.

Tile Nails

4,5mm x40mm Corrosion-resistant nails for fixing Std Tiles and battens in the structure 6,0mmx80mm or 6,0mmx120mm for fixing special ceramic accessories such as Over Eave Tiles/ Half Tiles/Etc.

Hanging length

372mm (nominal).


Clay is a natural product, as a result possible colour, tonal and finish differences can be expected. We therefore, recommend mixing tiles from different boxes and/or pallets to promote the best colour mix and overall finish. The usage of Marley Advance Lusa ceramic and non ceramic accessories is essential to ensure ideal finishing results. Please note the minimum recommended pitch for the Marley Advanced Lusa clay tiles, is defined in accordance with local climatic zones and wind-exposed areas - non adherence to Marley Roofing's recommendations may result in compromised performance. Therefore, strictly follow Marley's installation guidelines as well as local safety and building regulations when assembling this product. Marley Undertile Membrane or Radiant Barrier is recommended at all pitches in exposed and coastal areas. For more information please contact Marley Technical Services.


Please note Marley’s clay offer is imported and subject to exchange rate variations. It is absolutely necessary to provide a roof design with all critical information such as batten distance etc. to ensure the correct number of tiles and correct fittings are quoted on and provided for each individual roof design. A minimum order quantity of one container is required. Should your order require more than one container but less than two filled containers, a second container will be required, in addition to the first as a minimum order quantity. Lead time subject to stock availability and shipping (6-8weeks), please contact your Marley Roofing Representative.

Natural Red



Please note, colours are as accurate as screen resolution allows, please view physical samples before deciding on final colour of your roof.

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Marley Advance Lusa Bold Roll Clay Roof Tile

A premium quality, precision-engineered, lightweight clay tile, in keeping with the most popular roof traditions in Europe. 

Available in all regions



  • Dimensional exactness allows for perfect fitting, allowing quick and easy assembly.
  • High flexural strength resistance results in better economy obtained due to reduction in breakages.
  • The Marley Advanced Lusa's excellent performance under extreme weather conditions - offering low porosity, high resistance to frost and soluble salt as well as warping and being extremely watertight -  provides the ideal roof covering solution for all climatic zones.