420mm (length), 180mm x 180mm (Front height and width), 160mm x 160mm (Rear height and width)

Nominal mass per tile

Approx. 5,3kg

Linear coverage

3,2 per meter


Non-corrodible screws or serrated nails must be used for fixing!

M22 Slate 141093

Please note, Marley Rake Verge Tiles are available in all colours, view concrete profiles for more colours. Please note, colours are as accurate as screen resolution allows, please view physical samples before deciding on final colour of your roof.

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Marley Regional Concrete Brochures

Marley Universal Rake Verge System

The Marley Rake Tile System is functional, practical and cost-effective. It completes the roof securely, adding a strong design element and totally maintenance-free finish to this roof detail.

Available in all regions

Easy to install with no mortar bedding required, the Universal Rake Verge System offers complete roof design versatility - can be used in all situations:

  • With of without barge boards
  • Overhanging verges
  • Flush with the wall at any eaves length
  • Raking verges and uneven courses of tiling
  • Replacement to weatherworn verges on existing roofs (rotten barge boards, unsafe gable rolls, etc.)