Please view important information at the bottom of this page pertaining to fixing and painting of Eco-Tuff Products.

Eco Tuff Fascia Dimensions

225mm x 8mm x (3m or 3.6m), 150mm x 8mm x 3m

Eco Tuff Fascia Weights

3.6m x 225mm x 8mm = 6.84kg, 3m x 225mm x8mm = 5.70kg, 3m x 150mm x 8mm = 4.98kg

Eco Tuff Barge Board Dimensions

80mm x 200 x (3m or 4m or tailor-made lengths** terms and conditions apply for tailor-made lengths, please contact your Marley Roofing Representative!

Eco Tuff Barge Board Weights

3m x 80mm x 200mm = 5.5kg, 4m x 80mm x 200mm = 7.4kg

Eco Tuff Corner Pieces/Trims Dimensions

2.7m x 50mm x 50mm, 2.7m x 70mm x 70mm, 4m x 50mm x 50mm, 4m x 70mm x 70mm

IMPORTANT! Eco Tuff Barge & Facia Board Fixing

Due to the composite containing natural wood, the holes for fixation should be pre-drilled 2mm larger than the intended screws or nails that will be used to allow for expansion and contraction. In Climatic Zones where there is knowledge of the occurrence of high wind gusts and sever lifting forces (i.e. certain coastal areas, highveld storm areas, wind funnelling or other effects), it is advised to use a washer with screw as minimum fixing specification to prevent pull-out of the fastener.

Eco Tuff Corner Pieces/Trims Fixing

Can be fixed by nailing, screwing or adhesives** Contact Marley Roofing Technical for suitable adhesives

IMPORTANT! Coating of Eco Tuff Brushed Finished products

Marley's Eco-Tuff Barge Board, Facias and natural Corner Pieces have a brushed open grain finish and is meant to be painted – a good quality roof paint should be used whereby no primer is required. In areas with high humidity, it is advisable to paint brushed Eco Tuff products as soon as possible to prevent any unnecessary expansion due to the natural tendency of wood expanding and contracting.

Eco Tuff Gloss

Marley's Eco Tuff Corner Pieces/ Trims are available in a range of gloss finished colours that require no further coatings.

Eco-Tuff Barge Board Natural Brushed

Eco-Tuff Corner Piece/Trim Natural Brushed

Eco-Tuff Gloss - Grey, Rustic Brown, Slate, Wood Brown

Colours are as accurate as screen resolution allows, please view physical samples for true colour expression.

Marley Eco-Tuff Range

Made from a tough wood and recycled material composite, Marley's Eco-Tuff Roof Finishing Rage -  including Barge Boards, Facias and Trim Corner Pieces - provides a highly durable and strong alternative to traditional fibre cement roof finishing components.

Available in all regions


  • Superior strength - significant reduction in breakages
  • Superior weathering - extreme UV resistant
  • Light weight - approx. 40% lighter than conventional fibre cement barge boards of equal dimensions.
  • Eco Friendly - made from a wood/PVC composite utilising recycled plastic.