Fibre Cement Barge Board Dimensions

200mm x 80mm x 3M

Facia Board Sizes/Dimensions

(10mm x 150mm x 3,6m), (10mm x 150mm x 3m), (10mm x 300mm x 3m), (10mm x 300mm x 3,6m), (10mm x 225mm x 3,6m), (12mm x 225mm x 3,6m),(10mm x 225mm x 3m), (12mm x 225mm x 3m)

Kalsi Facia Boards (unpainted natural grey)

Please note colours are as accurate as screen resolution allows. Please view physical samples for a true colour expression.

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Marley Fibre Cement Facia and Barge Boards

Marley's traditional Fibre Cement Facia and Barge Boards, remain a popular choice for the finishing of eaves and gable ends that result in a completed roof that is protected against rain ingress, whilst delivering an aesthetically pleasing roof design.

Available in all regions

Marley's Facia and Barge Boards are easy to install and are available in a variety of popular sizes.