Appreciate our Roofers Competition!

Terms & Conditions, Entry Details & Competition Mechanics for Appreciate our Roofers Competition.

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This competition aims to celebrate and share the great installations by our SA Roofers, whilst offering them a chance to win awesome prizes + exposure opportunities for their businesses on our digital platforms!


Round 1 – 4 x Webber Braais to the value of R6,000 each + business exposure!

Round 1 consists of 4 x bimonthly voting rounds by our Facebook Community. The project with the most votes per bimonthly round, each wins a Webber Braai’s to the value of R6,000 each, as well as being featured on our website (4.5k users per month and growing) and our social media pages (Facebook 26k followers) including links to their own respective business websites to provide more exposure to the winning roofers.

Final Round – 1 x 82” FHD Smart Cinema TV to the value of R40,000!

All winners of the Bi-monthly rounds are entered into a final round of voting during Nov 2021 by our Facebook community.

The project with the most votes wins! Winner announced 10th Dec 2021.


  • Entry submissions – 2nd February to 22nd October 2021
  • Round 1 Votes (consists of 4x bimonthly voting mini competitions) – 1 March to 30 November 2021
  • Final Round Votes – 1 to 30 November 2021



Send either via WhatsApp or Email the following:

  • Roofers (that means – Roofing Installers, Roofing Contractors, Truss-Manufacturers that install, Retailers with a Truss Division, or DIY enthusiast) – to share clear photos of ANY SINGLE RESIDENTAIL HOUSE, installed with ANY MARLEY ROOF COVER, on or after 1 January 2016.
  • Your company name + contact details
  • Name of project, location & year of installation
  • Marley roof cover used.

You may enter as many projects as you wish and share as many images as you want of your projects submitted!

Cellphone photos may be submitted – if they are clear photos of good quality!




WhatsApp: 082 318 0707


To ensure a successful entry, please read full details of the competition, as well as the terms and conditions below!


This competition is open to:

“Roofers” (meaning: Roofing Installers/Roofing Contractors/Fit and Install Truss Manufacturers/Retail Groups with Truss Plants or Aspiring DIY Roofing Enthusiasts – people who have installed their own roof or do roofing installations as a sideline business or hobby) that have installed Marley Roof Cover Products (Marley Concrete Roof Tiles, Marley Clay Tiles, Marley Alterna Fibre Cement Slates, Marley Solar Tiles, Marley Super Six Fibre Cement Corrugated Sheets) on an individual house within the past 5 years to date, hence from 1 January 2016 to current date.

Special note to Retail Groups!

We understand that there may be some rules and restrictions within retail groups in receiving prize winnings. If a Retailer is voted as a winner and should any restriction apply, we suggest that the prizes be donated to either the homeowner of the project submitted or any charity of choice. Please contact your Marley Representative to discuss options available to you.


We will post your roof images on our Facebook Page “MarleyRoofingZA”, where our Facebook Community will vote against each weeks featured roofs.

Roofs will be featured alongside one another anonymously and distinguished by a number and letter given to each roof – this is to prevent any bias during voting; hence we will not list your company name, or any details of the project image submitted during the voting process. Only winners per bimonthly competition’s details will be shared.

However! Marley Roofing commits to tagging and listing the details of the roofing companies of all images submitted, should they be used for future posts outside of this competition.

Votes from each week will be recorded, until the period for that specific bimonthly cycle has ended.

The roof with the most votes for that specific bimonthly period wins a Webber Braai as well as social media paid post and blog post to our website.

Each winner, of each bimonthly competition, will be entered into the final round of voting by our Facebook Community during November 2021 to stand a chance to win the 82’’ TV. Once again, the roof with the most votes wins!

  • As our Facebook Community will vote for their favorite roofs, Roofers can enter as many projects as they wish. Though the same project may not be entered into multiple bimonthly cycles. Hence if your project was featured to be voted for, it may not be entered into this competition again for voting in another round.
  • To provide fair time exposure – entries received during the same time period, will be showcased alongside one another for a period of a week on our Facebook page to allow our Facebook community to vote for their favorite roofs. After a week’s exposure on our Facebook page, that weeks entries will be removed, and a new week’s entries will be featured, and so on and so forth, until that specific bimonthly period ends.
  • If for any reason we do not have at least three entry submission for a time period, the competition will be paused until further entries have been received.
  • Dependent on type and number of entries received, we will try as far as possible, to feature roofs of the same category together e.g., Marley M11/M22 Painted Roofs, Marley Designer Range Roofs, Marley Standard through Roofs, Marley Alterna Slate Roofs etc.


This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

By entering this competition, you by default agree and except all the terms and conditions within this document.

About qualifying entries

As we want to inspire our Facebook Followers, projects entered may only be of an individual house, hence mass scale residential housing projects e.g., social housing, GAP housing, RDP housing, Flats etc. do not qualify as an entry for this competition.

Roofing Installers entering this competition must provide proof of the installation having been done by themselves and having used Marley Roof Cover before awarding any prizes. E.g., Invoice to Homeowner, closeup images of the Marley Roof Cover etc.

This competition is only valid for South African Citizens that reside in South Africa as well as the citizens of Lesotho/Maseru and Swaziland residing in their respective countries.

Marley Roofing Employees as well as their direct family members, may not enter or vote in this competition.

About photos submitted

Photos of the project entered do not have to be professionally taken, cell phone photos are accepted, but the images need to be clear and of reasonable quality.

By default, both the Roofing Installer as well as the Homeowner of the project images submitted for this competition, provides Marley Roofing with full and unlimited usage rights, enabling Marley to use the images for their marketing campaigns, training, or communication purposes for all time.

However, we endeavor to crop images or remove any elements within images submitted, that may infringe on the privacy of the homeowner e.g., house numbers, cars registration numbers, individuals that are identifiable in an image, street names etc.

Important notes to winners

All winners selected must respond within the period of 24 hours of being notified of winning, failing to do so will result in forfeiting and the second highest vote will be selected as a new winner.

Winners announced on Facebook are final.

Though we take utmost care in delivering the prizes, Marley Roofing exempts itself from any damages or theft of prizes during transportation and once awarded.

Should a winner reside in an area that is considered inaccessible for normal deliveries, it will be the winner’s responsibility to make further arrangements to ensure their prize is collected or delivered safely.

Winner of the TV – it is the TV winner’s responsibility to ensure TV license and insurance is taken up upon being notified.

Marley Roofing’s rights

Marley Roofing reserves the right to end this competition without notice or having to award any further prizes, should it deem so necessary because of having to end the competition.

Marley Roofing exempt itself – all its employees, directors and investors – from any damages, theft, injuries, or deaths that may occur because of this competition.

Thank you and good luck to all our Roofers!