Marley’s MarnowaTech to produce Eco-Tuff Range in-house!

For the last 5 years Marley SA has been offering its customers more and more of the products they require for roofing construction to provide a roofing system as opposed to just a concrete tile. The second element of that strategy has been focussed on bringing the manufacturing of these additional products in-house and onto South African soil. It gives me great pleasure today to announce another step forward on that journey.

Since 2018, Marley SA has been offering a Barge Board and a Fascia Board in the Eco-Tuff Range. This product is much stronger than most other rival products in the sector whilst performing comparably in all other facets. Moreover, due to the nature of its raw materials and the manufacturing process it is significantly more environmentally responsible than the vast majority of its peers.

Marley SA and NowaTech have now formed a joint venture, called Marnowa Tech, to manufacture these products in the future from Marley’s existing factory site in Gauteng.

As part of this very exciting venture, all stakeholders will now join forces to create further product developments in this space. Through these actions we intend to offer progressively superior alternatives to the construction market whilst remaining affordable.

For existing customers of NowaTech who purchased Barge Boards and Fascia’s in the past we will be actively moving your accounts to Marley SA in order to maintain the flow of product to your businesses. We look forward to servicing your needs as professionally as NowaTech has in the past.

For existing suppliers of NowaTech, you will now also be contacted by representatives of Marnowa Tech, for purchases relating to its product range, to ensure a seamless transition of manufacturing activity.

Yours faithfully