Combustible at over 750 degrees (determined in accordance with SANS 10177-8).


B/B1/2/H (determined in accordance with SANS 428) Will not contribute to the spreading of flame and will self-extinguish when a heat source is removed.

Specification Clause:

Marley Polywool thermally bonded polyester insulation Roll, thermal and acoustic insulation installed between trusses, joists, studs or above suspended ceilings, SABS approved to SANS 1381-1:2007, non-combustible to SANS 10177-8 and B/B1/2/H to SANS 428. Compression packed.

Fibre composition:

80% recycled PET (locally sourced) & 20% virgin LMF.

Ozone depleting:

Does not contain and did not produce any during production. No VOCs are used during the production of this material.


1 ton of Marley Polywool polyester insulation is manufactured from approximately 38 000 recycled bottles. The plastic bags used for transporting the material are made from virgin LDPE material and is 100% recyclable, Grade 4. The inks used in the packaging are food grade.

Safety Precautions:

No particular hazards are known. The polyester fibres are not known to cause allergies. With correct use of this product no detrimental effects on health have been recorded.


The rolls are compressed into plastic bags and is classified as non-hazardous.


Rolls to be stored under cover, laid horizontally, and stacked no more than 10 units high. Rolls should be kept dry and must not be exposed to a naked flame or any other ignition source.


Marley Polywool does not physically deteriorate over time and does not require any maintenance. Properties are such that the material will not be damaged during normal handling and installations.

Moisture Absorption:

0.78% (SANS 1381-1:2013 allows up to 2%)

40mm Polywool Regular

R-value: 0.96 Density: 10.1 kg.m3 Length & width: 10 x 1.2m Weight: 400gm/m2

40mm Polywool Lite

R-value: 0.76 Length & width: 10 x 1.2m

50mm Polywool Regular

R-value: 1.15 Density: 10.1 kg.m3 Length & width: 10 x 1.2m Weight: 500gm/m2

50mm Polywool Lite

R-value: 0.82 Length & width: 10 x 1.2m

75mm Polywool Regular

R-value: 1.69 Density: 10.1 kg.m3 Length & width: 8 x 1.2m Weight: 750gm/m2

75mm Polywool Lite

R-value: 1.37 Length & width: 8 x 1.2m

100mm Polywool Regular

R-value: 2.2 Density: 10.1 kg.m3 Length & width: 6 x 1.2m Weight: 1000gm/m2

100mm Polywool Lite

R-value: 1.65 Length & width: 6 x 1.2m

135mm Polywool Regular

R-value: 2.7 Density: 10.1 kg.m3 Length & width: 5 x 1.2m Weight: 1350gm/m2

130mm Polywool Lite

R-value: 2.06 Length & width: 5 x 1.2m

145mm Polywool Regular

R-value: 3.05 Density: 10.1 kg.m3 Length & width: 5 x 1.2m Weight: 1450gm/m2


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Marley Polywool Insulation

The non-itch, DIY-friendly and healthy insulation for warmer winters and cooler summers! Use with Marley Radiant Barrier to achieve the SANS10400:XA deem to satisfy R-value sweet spot + save up to 60% cost per m2 vs. 135mm+ traditional bulk insulation!


  • Up to 60% more cost effective, whilst meeting SANS 10400-XA-2021 R-values - over traditional 135mm+ single bulk systems, if part of Marley Insulation System! (Combined with Marley Radiant Barriers)
  • DIY-friendly and easy to install - flexible with no irritants and no special PPE requirements!
  • TIPSASA & SABS accredited *Marley Polywool Regular only, with 20-year warrantee!
  • Multiple applications - roofs, ceilings, partitions and walls!
  • Perfect width - 1.2m matches most spacing of studs, ceiling and floor joists.
  • Healthy choice - No VOC’s, 100% recyclable and good resistance to bacteria, fungi, mildew and fibre-devouring insects!